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No Pakatan Rakyat racism please


Written by  Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle
Taib Mahmud can’t possibly believe in Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak’s 1Malaysia. If he did, he would have chosen a Malaysian bride, better still a Sarawakian. Instead, he married a Syrian woman. Love is of course more important than racial origins.
Najib is due in Sarawak for a working visit this weekend and together with the First Lady, is expected to attend Taib’s wedding reception in Kuching.
The PM will join about 460 invited guests to mark Taib’s marriage to Ragad Waleed Alkurdi, from Syria. The spectacular ball will be a Who’s Who of South-East Asia perhaps. It is where Cinderella meets her prince’s chums.
Taib Mahmud remarried on December 18 last year and the akad nikah (solemnising of the marriage) was performed at his residence at Demak Jaya in Petra Jaya.
If Taib is accused of not practising Najib’s 1Malaysia, then he also stands accused of being too westernised.
The Press Secretary to the Chief Minister Jameson Ahip Nawie said, “This particular celebration will be a formal affair, where the male guests are expected to be attired in tuxedo suit.”
So what happened to the formal baju Melayu? Why are guests dressed to look like ‘penguins’? Is national costume not good enough for Taib?"


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